Chen Hosting


Chen Hosting is causing me more of a headache than I can handle right now. I'm busy with school and personal projects (and soon, hopefully a part- or full-time job in IT) and the requests for websites I get are rarely serious. People abandon their sites and I'm not making any real money off it.

The sites I currently host will stay up. I am accepting new orders but please E-mail me (chen at and we will speak about your site on a personal level, kind of like I did in 2015 when I first started offering hosting. I will only entertain serious hosting requests, and money is an obvious incentive for me. Of course, I will be fair with prices like I always try to be.

I know I have asked for help with Chen, but I believe the only real help I need right now is serious customers who can work with me and not just abandon their shit right away. That wastes my time trying to set up your site, only to realise you aren't using it. Really, it's disrespectful.

I might write a blog post or two about my history with hosting, and I'll make it available on my website (accessible over I2P too) if you're curious enough to read. You can also E-mail me with any questions, comments, or proposals you have.